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Separation Agreements

Legal Separation in New York City

Separation Agreements & Mediation

Just as mediation offers a faster and more peaceful alternative to litigation, legal separation can be a viable and beneficial option for some couples. At Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching, we are here to assist families throughout the New York City Metropolitan area, in finding the right solution for their unique circumstances – free from judgment or personal influence. Many spouses we’ve worked with have discovered that separation is a quicker and more affordable way to achieve the outcomes they seek.

A Civil Path to Resolution

Turning to our practice for separation mediation ensures that you are working with highly trained professionals who provide a welcoming space for you and your spouse to discuss your expectations and goals. This approach allows you to reach a mutually beneficial resolution that addresses the specific needs of both parties involved. Once a decision is reached, we provide you with a document called a Memorandum of Understanding, which becomes a legally binding contract once signed.

Separation agreements in New York City, Consenso Mediation

Legal Separation Made Simple

If legal separation sounds like an ideal path for you and your spouse, get in touch with our office today. Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching is here to support you throughout the process, offering a seamless and amicable approach to achieve the outcome you desire. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and discover the benefits of separation mediation.

Embrace an Amicable Separation

At Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching, we firmly believe that separating doesn’t have to be a battle. Our goal is to facilitate open communication and guide you and your spouse towards a resolution that meets your individual needs and respects your unique circumstances. We understand that every situation is different, and our personalized approach ensures that your separation is handled with care and sensitivity.

"A legal separation guided by a skilled mediator is an opportunity to untangle complexities with a balanced approach."