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A divorce coach plays a pivotal role as a certified mediation professional, serving as a neutral third party to guide couples through the emotional challenges of divorce. At Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching, we offer invaluable support and conflict management guidance to individuals and families navigating one of life’s most challenging events.

Meet Michaele Gantz, Your Certified Divorce Coach

As the founder of Consenso Mediation, Michaele Gantz holds a prestigious divorce coaching certification from The Center for Dispute Settlement. Beyond her professional achievements, Michaele has personal experience with conflict mediation, allowing her to approach each client with a welcoming, approachable, and hopeful attitude.

Divorce Coaching in Manhattan for Men and Women

Divorce Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re seeking to improve communication, navigate the child custody process, or require assistance with the legal documentation of divorce, Certified Divorce Coach Michaele Gantz is here to support you. She works with you to break down your unique situation and provides the guidance, support, and coaching you need during this challenging time. Michaele takes pride in helping individuals, couples, and families throughout Manhattan, New York City and beyond.

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If you’re seeking compassionate and expert divorce coaching in Manhattan or other parts of New York City, contact Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching today to schedule your consultation. We are here to support you on your journey towards a brighter and more empowered future.

Benefits of Having a Divorce Coach

Engaging the services of a divorce coach can offer a range of valuable benefits as you navigate the complexities of divorce. Here are some key advantages to having a divorce coach by your side:

Emotional Support

Divorce is emotionally taxing, and a divorce coach provides a safe space for you to express your feelings and fears. They are trained to help you process your emotions, release negative energy, and regain a sense of confidence and empowerment. Their emotional guidance can significantly reduce stress and anxiety during the process.

Expertise in Emotional Management

Unlike lawyers and other professionals, divorce coaches specialize in emotional management. They can help you maintain focus, clarity, and composure when dealing with legal matters, negotiations, and communication with your ex-spouse, ultimately leading to more effective decision-making.

Cost and Time Savings

While attorneys focus primarily on legal matters, a divorce coach concentrates on the emotional aspect. This distinction can save you time and money by enabling your attorney to focus on legal strategies and tasks, rather than spending time addressing emotional concerns.

Goal-Setting and Planning

A divorce coach assists you in setting meaningful goals and creating a structured action plan for your life post-divorce. They help you envision your future, define your priorities, and develop strategies to achieve them, fostering a positive outlook during and after the divorce process.

Preserving Relationships

Friends and family members may offer emotional support, but they often lack the objectivity and specialized skills needed during a divorce. A divorce coach provides unbiased guidance, ensuring that your relationships remain healthy and supportive throughout this challenging period.

Maintaining Control

Divorce can make you feel powerless, but a divorce coach empowers you to regain control over the aspects you can influence. They help you manage your mindset, energy, self-care, and responses, giving you a sense of agency in a situation that might otherwise feel overwhelming.

Communication Skills

Effective communication with your ex-spouse is vital, especially if you have children. A divorce coach can help you improve your communication skills and co-parenting relationship, reducing conflict and promoting a more harmonious environment for your children.

Personalized Guidance

A divorce coach tailors their guidance to your unique circumstances and needs. They provide individualized strategies to cope with guilt, shame, stress, and other emotions that commonly arise during divorce.

Professional Network

Coaches often have connections to a network of professionals, including therapists, financial experts, and legal consultants. They can help you assemble a well-rounded team to address all aspects of your divorce.

Future Focus

A divorce coach encourages forward thinking and helps you concentrate on building a new life after divorce. They guide you in envisioning your goals and aspirations, enabling you to create a positive future for yourself.

"Divorce coaching is the compass for navigating uncharted territory. It empowers individuals to reclaim their strength, rewrite their story, and create a future defined by resilience and possibility."