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Divorce Mediation & Coaching in Albany & Manhattan

Compassionate Mediation Services for Fair Resolutions: Empowering Your Future

Expert Mediator Michaele Gantz splits her time between 3 locations in New York State, where she offers compassionate and fair divorce mediation services. With offices in Albany (Ballston Lake), Manhattan, and Rochester, NY, she is able to meet face-to-face with clients, as well as virtually throughout the divorce process. With a peaceful and streamlined approach you don’t need to worry about turmoil and drawn-out legal battles.

In a world where conflicts are all too common, mediation offers couples a way to navigate their separation with greater ease, efficiency, and harmony. Founder and Mediator Michaele Gantz brings a warm and empowering presence to the process that gives you the confidence to shape your own future while preserving your emotional well-being and financial stability. Begin anew with Michaele Gantz at Consenso Mediation and Divorce Coaching.

Mediator Michaele Gantz, Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching

In-Person and Virtual Appointments Available

Michaele's empathetic approach offers a comforting environment that ensures you feel supported and empowered through the entire divorce process. She is truly an advocate for her clients.

Divorce Mediation

Our divorce services provide a comprehensive and empathetic approach to guide couples through the separation or divorce processes with tailored solutions.

Divorce Coaching

Our divorce services provide a comprehensive and empathetic approach to guide couples through the separation or divorce processes with tailored solutions.

Children's Rights

At Consenso Mediation, we prioritize children's rights by ensuring their well-being is central to the divorce process, creating stable foundations for their future.

Family Mediation

Family mediation fosters open communication and resolution, enabling families to navigate conflicts and transitions amicably and with ease.

Business Mediation

We offer expert guidance to resolve commercial disputes efficiently, preserving relationships and promoting mutually beneficial outcomes.
Michaele Gantz, Expert Mediator and Divorce Coach in New York City

Expert Mediation & Divorce Coaching

Meet Divorce Mediator Michaele Gantz

Divorce Mediator and Founder Michaele Gantz is a highly respected mediation professional who serves Ballston Lake and the Albany, NY area, as well as Manhattan and other parts of New York City. Michaele mediates with compassion, dedication, and the utmost professionalism. She has over 14 years of experience facilitating mediations that save her clients the extensive time, money, and distress involved in litigation. Bringing a wealth of expertise to the table, Michaele’s commitment to staying up-to-date on New York State law and continuous conflict resolution education ensures you’re in the hands of a knowledgeable professional. Contact Michaele Gantz at Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching today for help in ending your marriage.

At Consenso Mediation and Divorce Coaching, we offer more than just solutions that all parties agree to; we provide our clients with the tools to transform stress and conflict into a focused and calm vision of the future.

Questions About Divorce Mediation?

Smooth Process - Amicable Outcomes

Words From Our Clients

"I felt incredible secure during a very difficult time"

“I highly recommend [Consenso Mediation] to anyone considering divorce. Michaele is incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, and creates an incredibly comfortable atmosphere for all parties involved. Compared to traditional litigation, the process is a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time! The process is incredible from mediation to court filing. Michaele helped me feel incredibly secure during a very difficult time. Consenso Mediation is absolutely outstanding and exceeded all of my expectations.”


"The first call you should make if you're in need of a mediator"

“Michaele is absolutely incredible at her job as a mediator. She was able to answer all questions and concerns that were brought to her and made me feel at ease as a man that i would be treated fairly during every session. She gets right to work on your mediation and the process is not only quick and cost efficient, it's the smart move when compared to going through court proceedings. I truly can't say enough good things about her and HIGHLY recommend this be the first call you make if you're in need of a mediator.”


"The process was as smooth as it could possibly be"

“Michaele at [Consenso Mediation] made the process of mediation and divorce as smooth as it could possibly be. She was helpful in explaining the process, and guided us by answering all of our questions, and helped us understand what we had to decide. It was important to us to have an amicable end result, which was achieved . The cost of mediation was very reasonable, and did not add a huge financial element to the divorce.”


"She is diligent in her work. Moreover, she is fair."

“I am pleased to recommend Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching, and, specifically, Michaele Gantz. Ms. Gantz expertly coached us as we navigated a difficult process and made it palatable. She is diligent in her work. Moreover, she is fair. I felt comfortable and heard. She is highly knowledgeable. She struck the correct interpersonal balance with us, which resulted in a paradigm of respect and trust. Ms. Gantz’s process was unbiased. She made sure both parties were heard and their perspectives were reflected in the decisions of the agreement. Michaele Gantz is highly capable, equitable and professional.”


"She was not biased towards either side"

“Michaele was fantastic. Divorce is scary and she helped coach us through all the difficult conversations. She was not biased towards either side and told us what to expect and how things should be handled. Very professional and efficient. I would strongly recommend Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching to anyone who needs divorce services.”


"Michaele is an excellent mediator"

“Michaela is an excellent mediator. Very kind, professional and understanding. She guided us through the entire process and always answered our questions without hesitation. The process was very easy and was completed in a timely fashion. I am glad I found her. I highly recommend Consenso Mediation and Divorce Coaching.”


"Michaele listens to both sides carefully"

“Michaele listens to both sides carefully, makes sure to pay attention to details, and makes sure to find the appropriate resolve without bias. If you need a mediator, please go to Michaele Gantz at Consenso Mediation and Coaching. She will help you move forward appropriately and help you with any issues that may arise promptly.”


Divorce mediation and coaching light the path through the divorce process. Mediation navigates the legal waters, while coaching guides the emotional journey. This fosters empowerment and clarity as individuals chart a new course toward brighter horizons.

Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions about divorce mediation and coaching. Explore more on our FAQs page.

Mediating your divorce is less stressful and combative compared to courtroom litigation. Mediation benefits anyone with a non-criminal legal dispute, offering effective conflict resolution. At Consenso Mediation and Divorce Coaching, we mediate disputes ranging from child custody to elder care and business matters. Even high-conflict cases tend to have better outcomes through mediation.

Mediation offers a highly cost-effective approach to resolving legal disputes, granting parties greater control over the outcome. At Consenso Mediation and Divorce Coaching, we charge an hourly fee for our mediation services. The total cost is shared among the involved parties in a manner they all agree upon. Learn more about our rates here.
The initial step in mediation is introducing all parties in a neutral, safe environment. During this stage, the subjects and goals of the discussion are defined. Children are usually not present during this stage of the process. You can schedule a free consultation with Consenso Mediation by clicking here.

We have two Consenso Mediation locations:

Consenso Mediation in Ballston Lake, NY, Albany’s Capital District

Consenso Mediation in Manhattan, New York City

Meetings are available in-person at either of our locations, or we offer virtual mediation services as well. Please call us today to find out more and book your free consultation. (917) 992-4750 

Whether you need a lawyer depends on the specifics of your case and is entirely your choice. At Consenso Mediation and Divorce Coaching, we empower our clients to explore their options and make decisions that best suit their unique circumstances.

The timeframe for a mediation case varies based on clients’ specific needs, goals, and the complexity of the matter. At Consenso Mediation and Divorce Coaching, we carefully assess each case to provide a realistic timeline and ensure dedicated attention throughout the process. Our commitment is to see every case through to its desired resolution.

Consenso Divorce Mediation and Coaching in Manhattan and New York City